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What comes to mind when you think of family tent camping? Lying on a cold, hard tent floor, in a wholly inadequate sleeping bag, shivering and cramped for space, completely sleepless, waiting for light to break? Flash lights or battery operated lanterns ceasing to function in your hour of need? Memories of having to carry unwieldy containers of (flammable!) fuel for those gasoline/kerosene lanterns? If so, you might want to acquaint yourself with all the wonderful new innovations in the world of family tent camping creature comforts.

Here are just a few things that will take the inconvenience out, and put the comfort back into your camping trip.

Sleep in style – Inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags

If you are worried about sleepless nights in hostile environments on your tent camping trip, don’t be. Modern camping equipment is able to tame even the most uncomfortable environments, and a good night’s sleep and great wilderness camping experience can very easily coexist. Things like inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags are nothing new, but what is new however is the unprecedented comfort levels some of these modern-day products offer.

Today’s inflatable mattresses are not only more comfortable, but are also much easier to carry. A self inflatable, easy to roll up and carry inflatable mattress will turn those sleepless nights on cold, hard surfaces, and annoying little pebbles, into a perfect night’s sleep on a cushion of air.

Once you have the sleeping surface sorted out, you will want to think about the weather and time of year. Modern sleeping bags come in a number of sizes and shapes, stitched together using a variety of materials.  They are designed to deal with all kinds of climate conditions, from sub-zero temperatures to tropical heat. These sleeping bags are spacious, and will not constrict your movement while you sleep. All in all, it’s a good night’s sleep guaranteed.

Solar Powered Lanterns, Flashlights, and Radios

In terms of the latest camping equipment innovations, solar-powered devices have been all the rave. Camping essentials such as camping light, flashlight and even radios are being equipped with solar powered batteries. When properly exposed to the sun throughout the day, these solar-powered camping lights will provide more the ten hours of nonstop service all night long.

There are also some pretty interesting composite devices out there, such a light and radio combination. These devices are worth checking out, as they will help you cut down on the weight you have to carry.

A pretty handy new innovation in solar powered lanterns is the motion-activated lantern. You no longer have to worry about that exasperating search in the dark tent for that lantern. Just set one of these up in the tent, point it towards the entrance, and watch the lantern light up on its own each time you walk in.

As backup to the solar batteries, many of these devices come with regular batteries or hand cranks. This will come in handy just in case you forget to set them outside in the sunlight or if there is not enough sunlight for them to recharge.

All of these new camping innovations make sure that you only have to worry about the important things for that camping trip: having a great time with the family.

Creature comforts? Leave that to the latest technology to take care of.

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